Spanish Arch Hotel

Quay Street, Galway

Dirección Spanish Arch Hotel

Quay StreetCP:County Gal,Galway,Irlanda
Teléfono:No especificadoFax:No especificado

Spanish Arch Hotel

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  • We had beautiful breakfasts at the Quay Street Cafe across the quaint walkway and the best Italian dinner at a little restaurant called Venice.2012-03-01 -

  • Great Hotel.2009-11-01 -

  • the bouncers were very rude and kept making rude comments towards some of my friends.2009-04-16 -

  • the staff are friendly but slow and the service is not great, one of our drinks had passed its sell by date and there was dust over pretty much every bottle we got.2009-04-16 -

  • the hotel is in a perfect location but parking is not convienent.2009-04-16 -

  • has some ropey reviews but worth a stay as location is so good and new room made a difference.2008-08-27 -

  • The lift was smelly and i had to share it a number of times with dirty laundry and hoovers etc.2007-05-26 -

  • , Did not find reception staff very friendly.2007-05-26 -

  • The breakfast room was shabby and the upholstery stained.2007-05-26 -

  • The lift was smelly and i had to share it a number of times with dirty...2007-05-26 -

  • Some of the rooms are tiny, and most are old and grubby.2005-09-06 -